Total Party Thrill

I-Hsien and Shane had a problem.

Their ENnie-nominated Dungeons and Dragons podcast Total Patry Thrill had recently celebrated its 250th episode, and their fanbase was strong. The time they had to spend on it was about to be drastically reduced as they were both expecting their first baby. Wanting to reduce the writing prep and eliminate editing time altogether, they brought me on board and handed me the reins.

I-Hsien and Shane from Total Party Thrill talk about how my editing made their AP series possible.

When Aram delivered the first edit, we had exactly one note for him: he needs to censor our pottymouths. We had forgotten to tell him. The rest was a seamless transition. Within a month or so, we were posting episodes blindly. That’s how much we trust Aram’s editing decisions.

Shane Vaiskauskas, Total Party Thrill

Before and after of a short clip from the Total Party Thrill podcast


Total Party Thrill is an ENnie-nominated RPG discussion podcast. Each episode covers a particular aspect of game planning and playing, and hosts I-Hsien and Shane share tips and advice drawn from their own experiences.